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Top 5 Healthiest Foods on Earth

Improving your health begins with what you eat. That means if you’re serious about improving your overall health, you need to take a good, hard look at your current diet and what you may be doing to sabotage your efforts.

We all know that sugar and processed foods are  two of the worst things we can eat.  Sugar spikes blood sugar levels, leaves us only temporarily satisfied and encourages over eating while processed foods are loaded with harmful chemicals that do nothing but wreak havoc on our bodies.

So let’s flip things around and today, we’ll focus on the top 5 healthiest foods on earth.

These foods are all loaded with incredibly important nutrients and vitamins: the two components of a  healthy, long-term life.

Without nutrients and vitamins working hand-in-hand to power our systems and protect us against illnesses, we’re at the mercy of every disease known to man.

So let’s fill up our plates with these power-foods that will help us sustain a long and happy life:

1:  Spinach

Load up your plate with spinach and you’ll immediately

be rewarded with all of the nutritional benefits possible

including Vitamin K, Vitamin A and essential folate.

2:  Walnuts

These nuts carry a higher level of antioxidants than

any other so you’ll want to include them as snacks

whenever possible. Plus they are rich in omega 3 oils

and other healthy fats.

3:  Black Beans

Believe it or not, these beans are filled with super

healthy nutrients but they’ll also keep you feeling

feel for longer which will help you curb that appetite.

4: Avocado

Few foods beat out avocado when it comes to being

absolutely loaded with healthy monounsaturated fats

as well as loads of folate.

5: Lentils

This superhero legume is high in protein and fiber

and they’re also heart-healthy.

So there you have it:  some of the healthiest foods on the planet. How many can you incorporate into your diet today?



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